The Recruiting Process

The recruiting process for the average student-athlete is made up of a combination of critical steps. Regardless of whether a student-athlete is being recruited for a Division III or a Division I athletic program, recruiters and/or high school coaches must evaluate the student-athlete. Typically, education, timing, aggressiveness, and right kind of exposure are the main ingredients to helping the student-athlete and their parents navigate this complex process.

Athletic scholarships tend to go to student-athletes that get the most exposure in college athletic recruiting pools. Recruiting pools are made up of student-athletes that have been evaluated as a college-caliber candidate by various media sources, coaches, scouts and recruiters. But let’s face it, not all student-athletes fall into the “blue-chip” category, and do not get enough exposure. Not to mention, many student-athletes participate in non-revenue sports, which makes it even more difficult to get the right kind of exposure.

Unfortunately, there are only a few thousand scholarships, grants and financial aid packages available for those student-athletes that want to go to college. It is important that the student-athlete and their parents educate themselves about not only the recruiting process, but also all the award packages that are available.

Recruiting Fact – Total, there are around 80,000 scholarships granted each year in men’s and women’s sports at the NCAA Division I and II level.

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